Are the benefits of aloe vera overrated? Is there research?

For the answer to this question, I would say both yes and NO The Main Problem of society is that, When an Idea comes from the Indian subcontinent, it’s just a myth and when the same get a stamp of the west it becomes a science, Indians were drinking Turmeric milk for centuries, but when … Read moreAre the benefits of aloe vera overrated? Is there research?

How to do Yoga on World Yoga Day-Surya Namaskar – Benefits and Guide

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is a sequence of 12 powerful yoga poses. Besides being a great cardiovascular workout, Surya Namaskar is also known to have an immensely positive impact on the body and mind. Surya Namaskar is best done early morning on an empty stomach. Each round of Sun Salutation consists of two sets, … Read moreHow to do Yoga on World Yoga Day-Surya Namaskar – Benefits and Guide

Skincare During Summer Heat

skin care during Summer

Every year, summers take a toll on the skin. The scorching heat, pollution, humidity, wipe it off the natural glow, and sometimes, invites infections. To avoid all these hassles, and to keep your skin radiating like before, here are the eight easy-peasy tips you can follow this season for skincare during summer Exfoliate for Skincare during Summer The ground … Read moreSkincare During Summer Heat

Amazing Health Benefits Of Lauki (Bottle Gourd)

Being in India we are the luckiest people because we have lauki in our Kitchen and its easily available. it’s in India is known by different names in different languages, in this section, we will find the health benefits of lauki juice (Hindi), Ghia(Punjabi), Dudhi(gujarati), Dudhi Bhopa (Marathi), Sorekie (Tamil) it is widely available across … Read moreAmazing Health Benefits Of Lauki (Bottle Gourd)

Skin Allergy Natural Management

Skin Allergy is a cronic problem , in this section we will understand the problem of skin allergy and skin allergy natural management. What is Skin Allergy Skin Allergy is an internal body problems and sometimes caused by external factors also. Red itchy, hot flashes sometimes cause a severe problem to the person. Skin allergy can also change skin colors and visible on entire body. This is … Read moreSkin Allergy Natural Management

Management of Diabetes naturally

Diabetes can affect almost every part of your body.   Therefore, you will need to manage your blood glucose levels, also called blood sugar.  Managing your blood glucose, as well as your blood pressure and cholesterol, can help prevent the health problems that can occur when you have diabetes. glucose levels, also called blood sugar. Managing your blood glucose, as … Read moreManagement of Diabetes naturally