Are the benefits of aloe vera overrated? Is there research?

For the answer to this question, I would say both yes and NO

The Main Problem of society is that, When an Idea comes from the Indian subcontinent, it’s just a myth and when the same get a stamp of the west it becomes a science,

Indians were drinking Turmeric milk for centuries, but when west stamped and renamed it to golden milk, we thought yes turmeric milk is beneficial.

Same way Pranayam(Anulom- Vilom), this was neglected until last few years but when west said Inhale-Exhale is good for heart, All accepted it

Now comes to Aloe Vera

You searched for aloe vera : KKHOMOEO

Aloe vera is known as DHRIT-KUMARI(घृतकुमारी), Its benefits and Uses are found in Charak-Samhita. Maharshi CHARAK was an Indian scientist in Life sciences medicines. He composed his researches in a BOOK(ग्रंथ) called CHARAK-SAMHITA.

so the summery is that don’t go behind the west and don’t try to find research papers of all Indian work, you will not get it because of its thousands of years of legacy. It is in our society, in Dadi Ma’s Daily Routine, In GrandPa’s behaviour and in your Kitchen.

Proud to be Indian

Stay Healthy Stay Safe

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