Amazing Health Benefits Of Lauki (Bottle Gourd)

Being in India we are the luckiest people because we have lauki in our Kitchen and its easily available. it’s in India is known by different names in different languages, in this section, we will find the health benefits of lauki juice

(Hindi), Ghia(Punjabi), Dudhi(gujarati), Dudhi Bhopa (Marathi), Sorekie (Tamil)

it is widely available across India.Lauki can be consumed in different forms

Gravy, Juice, kheer, pakode, burfi

But the best is to consume Lauki Juice

How to Get Lauki Juice

Health benefits of lauki juice

As we know that Lauki has 96% water so it’s very easy to extract lauki juice, Crush the lauki or Grate it using a grater(Kaddukas),

Use a clean cloth and extract the juice in a glass, Add some mint (Pudina) and Coriander (Dhaniya) chutney and consume,

Make sure you consume anything after 40 minutes of consuming lauki Juice

Why It’s Good to Consume Lauki Juice

Among the several benefits that you can derive from the juice of bottle gourd, here are the several reasons for which you may wish to incorporate it in your regular diet

Health Benefits of Lauki Juice

This easily available product is very useful for some severe as well as chronic disease

Heart Attack -Health benefits of Juice

heart attack- health benefit of lauki juice

A cardiac arrest Heart attack is considered as the most dangerous disease for any human, this can lead to the death of a person. All those who have faced heart attack or have the possibility to cardiac arrest, the best Home remedy is bottle Gourd Juice

For Cardic arrest problem facing people

Take 1 glass lauki juice+1 Table spoon mint juice+1 Table Spoon ginger juice+ 4 drops tulsi Extract

Take this juice empty stomach in the morning

If a person facing cardiac problem consume 3 months continuously, he/she will not have a cardiac prob in his life (Suggested By Late Dr Rajiv Dixit)

Joints Pain-Health Benefits of lauki juice

 Joints Pain-Health Benefits of lauki juice


Lauki juice is amazing when consumed lauki juice for 3-4 months, lauki juices removes all joints pain, Knee pain, Hip Pain, Shoulder pain.

Migraine Pain- Health Benefit of Lauki Juice

Migraine Pain- Health Benefits of Lauki Juice


When there is pain in Head but in half side, it can be left or right side of head. This is migraine. Lauki juice consumed one week can make it possible to remove migraine problem

Constipation (Kabj)- Health benefits of Lauki Juice

Constipation (Kabj)- Health benefits of Lauki Juice


I have seen people visiting highest qualified doctors to treat constipation but the problem remains the same for a long time. Lauki juice consumed every morning makes it possible to treat the constipation problem.

Blood Acidity- Health benefits of Lauki Juice

Blood Acidity- Health benefits of Lauki Juice


Due to irregular Diet, sometimes blood acidic concentration increases which lead to problems like hot flashes Blood acidity causes very severe and Incurable disease like psoriasis, eczema. Allergy, and another skin disease. Laki juice is alkaline in nature so balances blood acidity very fast.

Hypertension-Health Benefits of Lauki Juice

Hypertension-Health Benefits of Lauki Juice


High blood pressure is also known as hypertension, it’s considered a big problem in India. Lauki juices consumed daily for 3 months empty stomach makes your blood pressure to a normal level.

Obesity- Health Benefits of Lauki Juice

Obesity- Health Benefits of Lauki Juice


Overweight is a big problem nowadays, people are trying medications, exercise to reduce obesity but the basic treatment of obesity according to Ayurveda is Lauki Juice. Consuming Lauki juice will reduce obesity in 3 months.

Insomnia- Health Benefits of Lauki Juice

 Insomnia- Health Benefits of Lauki Juice


If You’re not getting sound sleep, start consuming lauki juice and feel the change in 1 week. More you get sound sleep, less is your depression level and stress.

Hope You will start getting benefit from Lauki Juice

Stay healthy Stay Safe

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